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Easy Diet Flat Belly Foods

When we hear the word diet we often think of all of the foods that we will have to leave out of our fridge and off of our plate. This article isn’t about that. This article is about what you should add to your shopping list and consume more often. You want a flat belly? Eat foods that are lower in calories but high in nutrients (like fiber).

Add Vitamin C

We usually reach for a dose of C when we feel a cold coming on. Got the sniffles? Go grab an orange. But studies show that low levels of vitamin C could affect the body’s ability to shed fat (aka show that flat belly). Vitamin C plays a role in protein metabolism and how well certain nutrients are absorbed during the digestive process. More vitamin C greatness? It’s an antioxidant which means that as it’s fighting fat, it’s also protecting your body from damaging free radicals.

How do you get enough without going overboard (because you can go overboard)? Rely on your diet instead of a supplement. Reach for red peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower or go satisfy your sweet toothe with oranges, strawberries or cantaloupe.

Flat Belly Foods

Add Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient and it’s shown, in studies over the last decade or so, that there is a relationship between higher levels of vitamin D and fat loss (especially around your waistline). Yet, most people are deficient in vitamin D! Vitamin D helps regulate appetite and hunger. With enough vitamin D in your blood, fat cells are slower to make and store fat. Vitamin D is also involved in increasing muscle strength (lift more, burn more), and helps protect you from chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

So, beyond stepping outside into the sunlight when possible, add some vitamin D-rich foods to your already healthy diet. Reach for salmon at dinner time (900 IUs in just 6 ounces of salmon) and eggs in the morning for breakfast. Fortified dairy products, like yogurt and milk  can give you a boost as well.

Grab a healthy dose of all 4 nutrients in one, mediterranean inspired meal.

Grill 4 ounces of salmon. Toss kale with white beans, artichokes, and tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil. Top with salmon and serve with a homemade yogurt tzatziki.

Add Iron

Aching desire for a flat belly? Make sure you are consuming enough iron. Besides the fact that a lack of iron in your system causes you to have low energy levels and feel lethargic (say goodbye to killer gym sessions), iron is indispensible for a healthy, kickin’ metabolism. There are two types of iron, heme and nonheme, and you should consume both. In order to absorb the max amount of nutrient from nonheme food sources, eat them side by side with heme food sources or vitamin c food sources.

Eat it: lean beef, poultry and fish (for heme iron) and white beans, lentils and artichokes (for heme).

Add Magnesium

Magnesium is one of those lesser known nutrients that actually carries a lot of clout in the body. It’s involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the human body! A lack of magnesium is linked to obesity, likely for numerous reasons. Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels (think insulin levels, diabetes and heart disease), to promote peaceful sleep (necessary for recovery and muscle repair), and to lower blood pressure.

Magnesium is one of those nutrients that is easy to find in a vegetarian diet. Add some to your daily set of meals by reaching for leafy green vegetables like kale and collards, beans and nuts.

Flat Belly Foods




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