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Hi, I’m Julia Hale, nutrition and fitness coach, blogger and recipe developer for

Let me start by saying that I am not a believer in strict calorie counting. I’ve been down that road, it led me to an eating disorder and that is not a place I wish anybody to be. Let me tell you about what I do believe in and how it led me to create

I DO believe that cooking and eating are one of the joys in life. Cooking for yourself and for loved ones is a pleasure that I personally know and will want to indulge in for the rest of my life.

I DO believe that living a fit and healthy lifestyle allows you to enjoy the blessings of life, to share those blessings and to live the happiest and longest life possible.

I DO believe that cooking and eating absolutely belong in a fit and healthy lifestyle and that in fact, they go hand in hand.

I DO believe in nutrients. In protein and carbs and fats and the wonderful things that they can do for you and the delicious things that you can do with them.

I DO believe in food communities. I believe that having favorite places to find recipes, that trusting in another person or persons to help you find healthy food that you want to eat again and again, and that being excited to eat nutritious diet for the rest of your life is essential to succeeding in whatever your health goals are.

I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach by profession, and exercise-junkie and food-lover by heart. My personal site, JuliaHaleFitness, is dedicated to fitness. This site, EasyDietHQ, is dedicated to the food lovers, the people who want to treat their bodies like the temples they are and satisfy their taste buds too, and to the people in my life who’ve inspired me to cook delicious food since I was old enough to know that milk didn’t come from refrigerators.

I believe in community so if you have an idea, a question about food or meal plans, or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

You can also reach me at my fitness and coaching website:


In health & happiness,