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Goji Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes

When you think pancakes, the first thing they remind you of is a healthy diet, right? No? So buttermilk pancakes soaked in butter and maple syrup are delicious but not necessarily an everyday addition to a healthy diet. But pancakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavors which leads me to experimentation. I'm a firm believer that any food can be a part of a healthy diet, especially if you make a few small tweaks to help it along. Did you know that pancakes have been around for at least ... Continue Reading

Mixed Berry Macadamia Nut Oatmeal

Did you know that there is an entire month dedicated to oats? Oatmeal month is not June, it's actually January, but no matter. Last January, enough oats were purchased to make 470 million bowls of oatmeal. That's a lot of oatmeal. Did you also know that there is now a GOLD Power Ranger? It's really not surprising that we buy so much oatmeal. Can a breakfast be anymore comforting  than a big bowl of warm, creamy deliciousness that is an absolute blank slate for adding flavor and color and ... Continue Reading

Banana Nut Protein Oatmeal

As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I am constantly talking with clients about the little changes that they can make in on a daily basis that will result in big-time transformation in the long run. There are a few things that I avidly support from day 1 of any plan with any client. Two of those things are: Eating a healthy breakfast. Consuming an adequate amount of protein. Banana Nut Protein-Packed Oatmeal helps you to accomplish both at the same time. Oats actually ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Acai

Pronounced ah-sigh-ee, acai is one small superfoods with a large impact on the health scene. Acai berries are small purple fruits that originate from the Amazon.  Their popularity in the health and fitness crowd sprouted in South America, specifically Brazil, where athletes and surfers ate the mashed pulp of the berries.  It's only recently that the purple pulp (you'll rarely find the berry itself as it's highly perishable), made it's way up the coast to the U.S., over to Australia ... Continue Reading

Flourless Banana Pancakes

Maybe we can sleep in Make you banana pancakes Pretend like it's the weekend now Jack Johnson for the not-so-subtle brunch message win. I'm sure Jack's intention with this song was not to evoke strong, loving feelings of cozy brunches and I'm not positive his goal genre was "Sunday Morning Music". But ironically, brunch and Jack Johnson seem to go hand in hand, much the same way brunch and pancakes do. Flourless Banana Pancakes have the satisfying sweetness and coziness of brunch with ... Continue Reading