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4 Foods that Detox as Well as Delight the Tastebuds

I'd like to welcome Jenny Eden of JennyEdenCoaching.com to Easy Diet HQ! Jenny is passionate about helping men and women create a healthy, positive, nourishing relationship with food - something that is so important and often missing in our everyday lives. Without further ado, learn about naturally detoxifying foods and how to prepare them with Jenny. First of all I want to thank Julia Hale for the opportunity to guest blog for her site. She is doing some amazing work up on here on her ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Beets

Ah, beets. Growing up, I proclaimed to hate these straight-out-of-a-story-book veggies. I was more of a carrot girl. You see, the only beet dish I'd ever been offered was lovingly called "Beautiful Beets" by my mother and my aunts, and only my mother and aunts. I believe the recipe consisted of mashed purple vegetables and sour cream with a deep (dark) history in the farmlands of Hungary. All I remember is that it was multiple shades of magenta, smelled weird and didn't look like food. I ... Continue Reading