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5 Easy, Weeknight Chicken Dinners

One ingredient, five ways. Chicken is one of the healthiest proteins you will come across in the grocery store. But nobody wants to eat chicken breast everday, especially when you don't have hours to come up with a recipe and roast off an entire bird. But chicken is perfect for healthy weeknight meals when you've had a long day and you want something easy, delicious, cheap and healthy. These are 5 of my favorite weeknight dinners. Chicken Taco Salad with Lima Crema This is one of my favorite ... Continue Reading

Easy Edamame Appetizers

At my house, folks tend to get the munchies around 5 or 6 pm. It's not quite dinner time (especially in the summer when it's almost 100% necessary to wait for the sun to set over the lake before heading inside to eat), but stomachs are growling. It's easy to pull out cheese and crackers. It's easy to grab a handful of chips. But with a little bit of effort and just a couple of minutes of work, you can snack on some delicious appetizers that won't ruin dinner and make you feel like you need to ... Continue Reading

Meal Prep Success Part 1: The Essentials

You've probably heard the phrase meal prep before. What is it exactly? Meal prep/preparation is essentially planning and preparing ingredients and meals in advance to make your life easier in the days to follow. The last thing that I want to do is complicated your life. This is EasyDietHQ.com, emphasis on the easy. My job is to make fitness and nutrition less complicated, less exacting and less of a pain in the ass. That’s why I encourage you to prepare what you can ahead of time. I ... Continue Reading