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Eat More: Greens

Since the dawn of dieting, "eat your vegetables" has been a well-used phrase. And rightly so. Beyond their appropriate placement in a weight-loss plan, vegetables contain nutrients that every human needs (whether they want to lose weight or not). I often tell my clients to "eat the rainbow". The nutrients that give vegetables their bright hues are the same nutrients that give them their nutritional benefits. So it stands to reason that you should eat all of the colors at various points ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Flax Seed

There is a tiny lunch spot in Kailua, HI that is ensconced serenely between a corner gas station and a homemade ice cream shop (that offers Cab Sauv ice cream on occasion, thanks very much). The garage door siding opens on two sides facing the street and sidewalk. A cross breeze drifts across the 20 by 20 foot space. The girls who work there tote fresh produce in from sidewalk to prep area after it's been dropped from local vendors. They offer smoothies made with Kombucha, and vegan ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Eggs

Fascinating fact about eggs: the world record for most omelettes made in 30 minutes is 427. I have a ginormous fondness for eggs. I think they are magnificent. My current breakfast kick is eggs + egg whites + 12 grain bread + avocado + fruit. It's been my breakfast kick for oh, 3-4 months now. Here's why. Why You Should Eat Them Eggs are an amazing food, a super-food in their own right. Omelettes, hard-boiled, over-easy, fritatta ... Eggs help you build muscle. In fact, eggs are ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Dark Chocolate

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a chocolate lover. Call me boring, I like vanilla. BUT, that doesn't mean that a bit of chocolate every now and then is not on my list of Things That Are Not Horrible. When I tell people that I'm more of a vanilla gal they gasp. Literally, they gasp. Men expect me to jump at a piece and when I don't, I think they feel sorry for my boyfriend around Valentine's Day. Women don't know how I cope with that time of the month with out it. I am fully ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a fairly new addition to my life, but it is a very not new aspect of daily life in most tropical places. So not new, in fact, that it's been heralded as a health food for thousands of years. The benefits of coconut are vast. It's good for your hair, for your skin, for your gut, for your immune system, for your taste buds... Coconut oil is quickly becoming one of the "it" healthy fats to use.   Why You Should Eat It Strengthens your immune system. Lauric ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Beets

Ah, beets. Growing up, I proclaimed to hate these straight-out-of-a-story-book veggies. I was more of a carrot girl. You see, the only beet dish I'd ever been offered was lovingly called "Beautiful Beets" by my mother and my aunts, and only my mother and aunts. I believe the recipe consisted of mashed purple vegetables and sour cream with a deep (dark) history in the farmlands of Hungary. All I remember is that it was multiple shades of magenta, smelled weird and didn't look like food. I ... Continue Reading

Eat More: Acai

Pronounced ah-sigh-ee, acai is one small superfoods with a large impact on the health scene. Acai berries are small purple fruits that originate from the Amazon.  Their popularity in the health and fitness crowd sprouted in South America, specifically Brazil, where athletes and surfers ate the mashed pulp of the berries.  It's only recently that the purple pulp (you'll rarely find the berry itself as it's highly perishable), made it's way up the coast to the U.S., over to Australia ... Continue Reading