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10 Easy Appetizers for a Fit Foodie

If you're ready for a party clap your hands! It's the beginning of cook out season baby, and nothing starts off the summer like a great party and fantastic appetizers to get it going. Whether you are hosting an extravaganza or heading to a friends to get your party on, these appetizers are party-perfect. They're easy to prepare, delicious, healthy and every one will love them. Beet Hummus Loaded with protein-rich garbanzo beans, nutrient-rich beets and a dose of healthy fats from extra-... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Homemade Guacamole

The focus at EasyDietHQ.com is to make delicious food that does as much for your waist line and health as it does for your taste buds.  If I had to define EasyDietHQ by a single recipe, it would be guacamole. Fresh, full of flavor, absolutely healthy and definitely delicious...yes, if guacamole was a recipe site instead of a fruit, it would be EasyDietHQ. Fresh guacamole is worlds better than the stuff you buy in a plastic container at the grocery store. And it's super simple to ... Continue Reading