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Eat More: Flax Seed

There is a tiny lunch spot in Kailua, HI that is ensconced serenely between a corner gas station and a homemade ice cream shop (that offers Cab Sauv ice cream on occasion, thanks very much). The garage door siding opens on two sides facing the street and sidewalk. A cross breeze drifts across the 20 by 20 foot space. The girls who work there tote fresh produce in from sidewalk to prep area after it's been dropped from local vendors. They offer smoothies made with Kombucha, and vegan ... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Homemade Guacamole

The focus at EasyDietHQ.com is to make delicious food that does as much for your waist line and health as it does for your taste buds.  If I had to define EasyDietHQ by a single recipe, it would be guacamole. Fresh, full of flavor, absolutely healthy and definitely delicious...yes, if guacamole was a recipe site instead of a fruit, it would be EasyDietHQ. Fresh guacamole is worlds better than the stuff you buy in a plastic container at the grocery store. And it's super simple to ... Continue Reading

Toasted Pepitas

Let's not waste time. Pepitas are pumpkin seeds. They are the inside kernel of the pumpkin seeds that you scrap off of your hands in October after you've carved a jack-o-lantern. Basically, pepitas are to pumpkin seeds what shelled sunflower seeds are to the sunflower seeds that make a mess of baseball parks. What do they have going on for them? Besides the fact that pepitas are good for snacking, awesome on top of salads, great for baking or toasting with other nuts, and a neat ... Continue Reading